Being experienced in production of carton packaging AL OFSET MATBAA supplies any needs of cardboard box, micro- corrugated box, carton labels and stands with quality and the easiest way and thanks to it the company became successful of being a supplier of local and foreign white shoe firms. Having the principle of responding fast to the demands of its customers and sticking by due dates AL OFSET MATBAA takes on "Always, on time". AL OFSET MATBAA exporting 35% of its production became a preferable manufacturer by carrying its local market experience to foreign markets. Right now exporting to 17 countries AL OFSET MATBAA desires to increase its foreign market share by attending international fairs. AL OFSET MATBAA is a preferred supplier by foreign companies at food, cosmetic, armature sector. The company targets to increase its local market share with its experience, value to its customers and competitive price without sacrificing quality day by day.

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